Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Barack 3/26/09

These are serious times, and we are fortunate to have a serious man leading the nation. I was actually glad that the press took the gloves off during President Barack Obama’s press conference. And it’s nice to see him showing some spirit when asked the tough questions (Ed Henry get Barack’s boot out of your ass). I guess the honeymoon is over. However, when these idiots say that “he showed that he is a one term president” after the press conference, and the biggest stories last week were about Obama being insensitive to people with special needs because he made an off hand “Special Olympics” remark on the Tonight Show, or Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski saying that Barack should stick to the economy just because he picked North Carolina instead of Duke to win it all in his NCAA bracket, it illustrates how trivial we have become in our attempts to criticize this man.
Kevin Blackistone wrote an article saying that Obama shouldn’t get a pass for the Special Olympics remark just because he is black, likening his escape from criticism to the time when Nolan Richardson, former coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks and a black man, said that the school’s location in the south made it “ground zero” for slavery and thus gave it bigger, better black athletes; a comment which went for the most part, ignored. Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder, white guy, made a similar remark about black athletes and was crucified and never heard from again.
I agree he shouldn’t get a pass but he did apologize, it was a while ago, and there was no real outcry from the special needs people was there? So can we move on? I also agree the president certainly does not have the best sense of humor, but the nit-picking crybabies really need to chill. Get off his ass already, you lost…deal with it. Did you ever stop to think that the reason the president can be humor-challenged at times is because there’s nothing funny about the previous administration’s 8 years of perpetual fuck-ups? Fuck ups so bad that they have whisked this country back to the Stone Age and he has to get us out?
And why the fuck is Sarah Palin still chiming in from beyond the political grave? I know she has a special needs child and she certainly has my sympathy (no, really…I’m serious) but shouldn’t she be out on the range dry-humping a moose somewhere? And if she is so concerned with special needs children then why has she refused Federal stimulus package money that will actually go to education for those children? You’re not gonna pay that bill selling beaver hide.
But the icing on the shitcake came when people were actually calling for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to resign. And why is that necessary exactly? I don’t think he actually gave out the bonuses to AIG executives so explain to me again why he needs to lose his job?
Now on the other side, some people were offended by editor of the Huffington Post Roy Sekoff’s comment on CNN that Geithner has "dropped more balls than a drunk juggler." OK who was offended? Drunks and jugglers? You want offensive? I can do a considerably better job. How about “he has dropped more balls than Michael Jackson at an all-boys orphanage” or “dropped more balls than Don Imus in a Speedo

And this bullshit about Obama taking campaign contributions from AIG are just more table crumbs to keep the peasants screaming. He took the contributions 2 years ago while he was running for office, not when these problems arose. I seem to recall George W Bush taking a few campaign dollars from ENRON, and those executives are now in prison. No indictments for AIG yet right? Do you know that they are even hating on his fucking teleprompter? Damn and I thought Bill Clinton had a hard time. Could you imagine if Obama had a Clinton-sized zipper problem? I would have so many pimp jokes I’d have to write a book.
Look, the truth of the matter is that I, along with most people my age, really identify with this guy. My first vote (when I was finally old enough) was for Bill Clinton, and I’m proud of that, but this president is special, and not for the reasons you might think. Let me give you an example…While he was giving his press conference I got a phone call asking “what are you doing?” I just said, “I’m watching Barack on CNN.” Not “the President” or “Obama.” And I said it without thinking about it, and it was when I thought about it I realized that this man really does endear himself to people. I have never referred to a president on a first name basis. I have, on many occasions referred to a president as an asshole. See, Barack actually is the guy I would most like to have a beer with, and at least he won’t make me pay for it with what’s left of my 401(k).


Speaking of the President’s brackets…I’m totally kicking his ass. He was 19-13 after the first round, I was 25-7. He underestimated the PAC-10. He made a comeback in the second round with 14 of his, and 11 of my Sweet 16 teams getting in.

And Formula 1 is back! Testing for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne has started. I’m picking Ferrari as usual, but Lewis Hamilton is still my favorite driver.


I missed Idol on Wednesday. But I saw the elimination today sorry to be so ill informed but a white guy got booted, don’t know his name. Ok should I care?
Anyway I was at Terminal 5 checking out Bloc Party and I had no idea Kele Okereke was so tall. I thought Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors had learned to play guitar at first. And in the vein of TV on the Radio, The National and The Bravery, a new Brooklyn rock band impressed me last night, Longwave. They are not bad at all. Brooklyn would be the new Seattle if rock were still that popular. And how these bands can all sound like Radiohead and be from Brooklyn is weird. There is no urban influence at all, when did Brooklyn get so white?


Married only 7 years to investor George David, Marie Douglas-David, his asshole of an ex-wife claims that the $43 million post nuptual agreement she signed just isn’t enough. She wants a lump sum of $100 million and $130,000 a month alimony. Sorry to drag this on, but I just had to do the math. That's $1.56 million a year in alimony. Expenses include maintaining four homes (one on Park Avenue, one in Sweden),and $13,500 a week on clothing, hair and skin treatments, and travel. I think whoever’s home is being foreclosed or job being downsized should grab this fucking cunt and give her the Marie Antoinette her assholeness is begging for! Use a dull blade too. Damn I'm angry...I need a drink, excuse me.


  1. - You are so right calling out trivialities: Not only did the President apologize for his Special Olympics remark, he doubled the federal budget for special education. Plus you know he's doing a good job when the kinda nonsense you refer to is all they can throw at him.

    - My mom bitching about the GOP: "Son unos obstruccionistas! Dejen a ese muchacho gobernar, carajo!" Well, he is only 5 years older than her eldest.

    - Longwave have been around for a decade now. They were part of that scene that included The Strokes. (If I recall correctly The Strokes may have been instrumental in getting Longwave signed to RCA.) They are also one of the few bands from that crop that I actually like: "Wake Me When It's Over"--from the album The Strangest Things [RCA-2003]--is one of my top 10 fave songs from this decade.

  2. Its a great song, thanx for sending it to me. I don't know if they played it that night, but I really enjoyed their set.
    Dude I just realized we have been having this conversation for nearly 3 years now...I like The Strokes, kinda like the same way you like THE JONAS BROTHERS!!! Not because they are the second coming, but because there really isn't any mind blowing rock music out there.
    Look at it this way...Remember when Elvis joined the Army, Jerry Lee married his 13-year old cousin, Chuck Berry went to jail, Little Richard found religion, and Buddy Holly & Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash? Who was left to feed our Rock & Roll hunger? Ahem...none other than Pat Boone, Frankie Avalon and Ricky Nelson. You can't blame them for being lame, they can't help it. There was just nothing else.

  3. I don't really LIKE The Jonas Brothers, I just don't mind them, let alone hate them. Like Hanson before them, they write and perform their own music for the appropriate crowd.