Thursday, June 28, 2012

My So-Called Conservative Hero 6/28/12


I never thought I would hear myself say two things: 1- Chief Justice John Roberts…YOU’RE MY HERO! 2 – I really wish I was a 1st year law student again.

The decision by the Untied States Supreme Court to uphold President Barack Obama’s 2010 Affordable Health Care Bill is something that will be discussed at length in every law school in the country, and how I wish I was there. The issues are not particularly complex, just politically divisive, and how they came to the conclusion is pretty remarkable. 
Instead of striking the law down under the Commerce Clause, they actually upheld it under the Constitutional power to tax. The downside for supporters of the bill is that now it will be seen as a tax, and if Obama had framed it that way in 2010 no way this gets passed. But like every Republican spin, this is a misleading way to look at the issue. No one is going to get the IRS after them if they do not have healthcare, as opponents would want you to believe. The uninsured will just have to check a box on their tax form stating that they do not have insurance, and that will reflect in their overall tax bill in order to offset the overall cost, which is how all government programs are paid for by the way. Using Republican logic, there should be a box on your tax form to check off whether or not you have a gun and if you do not, you have to pay more in taxes to pay your fair share of the defense budget, but we know that is not the reality right?
Regardless, I really do not believe that today’s decision will end the debate on this issue. What the decision does do, and I certainly do not believe that this was the intention of Bush appointed Chief Justice John Roberts, is that it saves the most significant piece of legislation of Barack Obama’s presidency. To survive a Constitutional challenge is a great thing, and had the court struck it down, it would have severely hurt Obama’s chances of re-election.  I was also glad to see the president's remarks following the decision shifting the attention away from his "victory" and place it where it belongs, on the people who now won't go without healthcare.

Remember how I said that White House leak “scandal” wouldn’t go away any time soon? Well guess what…it did. And it has now been replaced with Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress. I guess Executive Privilege only applies to white presidents. Look, I know that I am being a bit over-simplified in my analysis, but ask yourself this question: Why only subpoena Eric Holder and members of the Obama administration? This whole “Fast & Furious” program (guns being put into the black market to root out the drug dealers buying them, in case you didn’t know) was put in place by George W Bush’s administration. If there was any wrongdoing, wouldn’t it be imperative for any fact finding body to at the very least, question those who actually initiated the program not just those who ended it? Because if “Fast & Furious” was so evil, shouldn’t congress be commending the Obama administration instead of pressing his cabinet to be accountable for a program that they not only didn’t start, but did end? Where is Karl Rove’s subpoena?  I wouldn’t mind seeing that draft dodging, war criminal Dick Cheney have to testify under oath either.


The Yankees are on a tear that rivals any winning streak they have ever had in the last 16 years, but now with injuries to both Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia, that’s three-fifths of your starting rotation on the disabled list, not what you want to go into the All-Star break having to deal with. Having said that, how well has Rafael Soriano stepped into the closer role? With only a four game lead in the division, it’s nice to know that they have a reliable closer. Is he Mariano? Hell friggin’ no! But he is having a refreshingly good year and with this offense kicking the way it is, it could be just enough to get them there.


We had to go all the way to the United States Supreme Court just in order to allow some people to get healthcare. Since we are obviously the only “developed” country going backwards in humanity, education, and policy, why would they wanna kill us if we are slowly becoming just as backwards as they are?

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