Thursday, September 10, 2009

The JB Random Report 9/10/09


Someone please explain to me how President Obama’s speech to a group of school kids Tuesday was promoting a Socialist agenda? Don’t Republicans realize that when they oppose something like a speech to a group of students they make themselves look like petty idiots with nothing to complain about? Can’t they see that everything they have criticized him for is what the people actually want which is why they voted for the man? Don’t they see that…wait a minute…can someone please get Rush Limbaugh out of the medicine cabinet and someone put Glenn Beck in to his “special” restraining chair before I continue giving them advice…Oh and is that Ann Coulter over there in the corner playing with her own poop?
I loved Obama’s statements during his Labor Day speech, a campaign-style preview of his Wednesday speech. When approaching the issue of health care he simply asked Republicans “Ok…what’s your solution?” We have been waiting for that for decades, and the only response from Republicans has been, “Let your doctor make the decisions, not the Government.” That’s like me answering a question about my favorite beer by saying “Bring beer to the BBQ, but I will be going to Church yesterday to get my car fixed.”
As for the Wednesday speech before congress, THAT’S the Barack I was waiting for! He was eloquent as usual, but he was also clear, forceful and determined, something that was sorely lacking in his comments on this issue so far.
And in keeping with the classy tradition that is the Republican party…to be heckled by a nobody like Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina should only strengthen the president’s resolve. Anyone animate and desperate enough to breech Congressional protocol and decorum like that is obviously irate at the fact that the health care industry’s PAC money gravy train is coming to a screeching halt.


When you wake up in the morning with “Don’t come home a-drinkin’ with lovin’ on your mind” stuck in your head, unable to get it out, it really is time to stop watching those “Time Life Music” infomercials before going to bed

Given all the attention that The Beatles have been getting lately, both online and on all the cable TV channels, you would think it were some important anniversary of some milestone achieved by the band. But alas, it is only to celebrate the release of a video game. That’s right, a video game, The Beatles: Rock Band. So there will be no Beatles favorite song list or album list or any list coming from me this week, sorry. I will not participate in celebrating this bullshit. In the words of country music person Brad Paisley, “Rock Band never got anybody a date.” Now I will take this one step further, if playing Rock Band actually has gotten you laid, that girl just killed your parents and ate them, burying the remains in your back yard. She then recorded said feast and just posted it on YouTube. What the fuck have we become when pretending to play guitar in front of a TV screen is the more popular pastime than actually learning to play?

Ellen DeGeneres? Not that she won’t be funny, but part of the credibility of the judges on American Idol was that they were in the music business. Gee, I wonder which talk show those who get voted off will go on first?


And just in case the Denver Broncos didn’t have enough drama with a rookie head coach, a disgruntled wide out and an escaped quarterback, rookie tight end Richard Quinn has been arrested on harassment and domestic violence charges.

I guess it’s just a business after all, isn’t it? I’ll never forget him regardless, but Super Bowl XLII hero David Tyree, who provided one of those incredible moments that will forever live in sports history by catching a pass off his head, was cut last week by the New York Giants. I hope he hooks up with another team

Looks like the great Iron Horse has company. Hey Mena, at this age, Derek Jeter is actually 80 hits ahead of Pete Rose. I’m telling you dude he is gonna break that record, and here is how he will do it…
The Yankees will, under no circumstances, put either Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera out to pasture. They will be allowed to retire on their own terms as was the great Mickey Mantle and a select few. Alex Rodriguez is another story. When A-Rod’s contract is up, he is either gonna move to DH or he is gone, paving the way for an aging Jeter to play third base, although even his critics have to admit he is having a great defensive season as well as a great season at the plate. At third, Jeter will break Rose’s record, and he will do it in a Yankee uniform. I think at that point, the “Pete Rose Hall of Fame” argument might lose some of its bite, but for the record, Rose does deserve to be in.


Shawne Merriman can’t be taken out by any offensive line in the NFL, but a reality TV bimbo has no problem sidelining the guy. This is the same guy who was gonna play last season with a torn ACL, but can’t handle a glorified groupie. Merriman was arrested this weekend for restraining (huh?) and choking reality TV person Tila Tequila (If the choking shut her up then maybe he should have gotten an award). Look, I have no problem with famous athletes banging skanks, that’s what skanks are for, but letting her into your house? Dude what was going through your helmet?

See...This is why you don't let crazy into your house!


  1. - Hopefully, the President's speech before Congress--helped by Wilson's decidedly rank outburst--was part of what many believe is his "See, I tried to work with these people but they are the epitome of petty obstructionism and partisanship. Now, I'm gonna have to do it my way" plan to push health care reform through.

    The key thing here is to make sure a solid number of Dems are on board--the GOP on its own cannot oppose it; they don't have the votes--so, the so-called Blue Dogs had better get off the insurance/pharmaceutical tit and do what's right.

    - Um, dude, you must not have been checking out a music mag, website, or blog (including mine) in the last 6 months: 9/9/09 was the release date for The Beatles Stereo Box Set which contains remastered versions of all the studio albums by the Fabs--as well as assorted b-sides from the Past Masters albums--and his been the music biz story of the year, as far as releases are concerned.

    - I'm very likely one of only 2 Yankee fans on Earth who would ever say this, but I was not looking forward to Derek Jeter passing Lou Gehrig on the all-time Yankees hit list. Frankly, the deification of the Yankee shortstop is where I part company with the rest of the fan base. Not that I'm diminishing his merits and accomplishments one bit; no, not at all. Basically, the dude rubs me the wrong way. Always has. And I'm just really tired of the hero worship.

    Yes, he is ahead of Rose's pace but, the question is, can the 35 year old Jeter, realistically, keep it going at this rate for another 10 seasons? Personally, I don't think so. (Remember how before the '09 season his offense and defense had been in a steady decline?) But hey, records were meant to be broken, as the saying goes.

  2. I think JB is right Jeter moves to 3rd and takes it.
    Tila Tequila is a dumbass bitch. Sorry don't wanna be mean to bitches but its true

  3. I wish someone would have mentioned that on VH1 Classic, because all they talked about for an entire weeks was the video game.

    As for Jeter, I've been saying that he would break Pete Rose record since 2005. I still believe that he will. In 13 full seasons, his stats have been steady and actually do not show any significant decline at all.

    As for the Tila Tequila comment, you called her a dumbass bitch, so hopefully non-dumbass bitches won't be offended. Not that I endorse referring to women as bitches...dumbass or otherwise.

  4. - I would not be surprised if the Guitar Hero folks spent more advertising money than Capitol Records, on their respective products--not to mention how purchasing music is becoming more and more of a dinosaur-like activity--hence a bigger presence for the video game over the box set.

    Then again, I would expect the sort of thing you described from MTV, but VH1 Classic? C'mon...

    - I was specifically referring to Jeter's declining defense, not his offense. More on the subject of no.2's glove work from respected Yankee blog River Ave Blues:

    "When it comes to range, we know that Jeter doesn’t get much respect...since 2003 he’s ranged from slightly below average to freaking atrocious (namely 2005 and 2007). Last year he was just below average by that metric."

  5. Well "range" is actually not a stat and cannot be measured with any real objective accuracy. As far as fielding percentage, THAT can certainly be measured and it is, showing once again that his fielding has not declined at all. Actually if you check the stats you will see that his fielding percentage is actually the highest it has been since 1998, and has never gone below .960 in ANY year.