Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The JB Random Report 8/5/09


If you wanna get Barack Obama re-elected in 2012 raise your hand…ok here’s how you do it…Don’t say a word. His haters are pretty much guaranteeing that he will serve another term. Republicans are so upset that he is actually doing a good job that they reach for what is most pathetic. And Congress entertaining this bullshit is not doing anyone any favors. The House passed a resolution saying that Obama was actually born in Hawaii. Ahh thanks but no thanks, if you people could please get back to work on the economy and North Korea (instead of Bill Clinton having to take time off from his busy strip club schedule. But hey…way to get the job done Bubba!) I would really appreciate it, and so would anyone else with a functioning brain. This is like the House passing a resolution saying that fire can lead to burning.
And Lou Dobbs giving these people the time of day on CNN is just nuts. Although, the network has a right to defend its employee and not show Media Matters’ (a liberal media group) commercial attacking his views. I may not agree, but that does not mean that Dobbs loses his livelihood or gets insulted by people with their own agenda.
But if Obama's most vocal opposition is a fat, drug addicted gasbag like Rush Limbaugh and a Dumbo-eared asshole like Ann Coulter, relax smart people, a retard will never again be elected to office. The Republican opposition is so pathetic they never miss an opportunity to criticize ideas that are actually working.
The “cash for clunkers” program giving people vouchers for their old cars to buy newer, more fuel efficient cars is better for the economy and the environment. Instead of supporting it, Senators like John McCain are actually the ones leading the opposition. Joining him is South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, calling the program as Washington "stupidity" and saying the government shouldn't be in the used car business. Uhh yeah it should actually, when there is an effect on interstate commerce and the environment. Hey Senator, maybe you should read the US Constitution sometime, particularly Article I Section VII. Are these two out of touch boneheads aware that their corporate buddies at the Ford Motor Co. reported their first U.S. sales increase in nearly two years? That other major automakers Hyundai, Subaru, and even Chrysler, the worst performing of them all said sales showed signs of stability and they have all credited the heavy incentives in the “cash for clunkers” government program for this?
McCain is also vowing to vote against the confirmation of the most judicially qualified candidate in the history of the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. What the Hell happened to him? Is he still that bitter about losing the election to a better candidate that he has to oppose even the good ideas? Is this the stand he wants to be remembered for?


Wisconsin might be a great place to be a football fan, but don’t get horny there. After Therese Ziemann found out her boyfriend Donessa Davis was married, (was the motel room rented on a monthly basis a hint you shithead?) she hatched a revenge plot involving his wife and a few other chicks he was banging. She lured him to a motel, tied him up, blindfolded him (hey sounds like a good time so far…) then brought the other angry, jilted hags into the room to torture the guy. They started beating his ass, and as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, then decided to super-glue is penis to his stomach. Nice group of girls. Well instead of quietly going home and killing these bitches one by one, he made the mistake of calling the cops, and now the story is being used to once again illustrate one of my favorite points…

See…this is why you don’t let crazy into your house!


This is a huge week for the first place Yankees. I love how the Yankees are playing this year; winning close games is the mark of a great team. But it will mean nothing if they don’t do well against the Boston Red Sox this weekend. Showing well in the Boston series will determine if all those high priced free agents were worth it.

Is Eli Manning worth $15 million a year? He did win the same amount of Super Bowls as his highly regarded brother Payton, but that’s a lot of cash to put in the hands of someone who really doesn’t have anyone to throw the ball to next year barring some miracle or rookie break out season.


How is my world supposed to make sense if Paula Abdul leaves American Idol? If that new chick wants to keep that job she better get on some prescription medication and show me some crazy now!


  1. Whether or not Lou Dobbs loses his job over the "birther" nonsense is CNN's call, but he's being billed as a newsman and not a commentator. And by giving credence to an absurd and more importantly unquestionably disproven "story" he puts in question his and the network's integrity as purveyors of news.

  2. I see it as "they knew what they were getting." Dobbs is not known for his liberal views. And I actually like the fact that he is on CNN, a network long accused of liberal bias. More importantly, it's refreshing to see a network actually stand by someone instead of cowering to any sort of pressure. Having said that...Lou Dobbs is still an asshole.

  3. The whole liberal media bias is right-wing propaganda that helps, for instance, Fox News spew their "fair and balanced" bullshit. Yes, Keith Olbermann and MSNBC do have a bit of a liberal slant, but how long have they been around and how much longer has the fake right-wing outcry over liberal leanings in the media been going on?

    Once again, it's CNN's call over what to do w/Dobbs, but by positioning a commentator in a news capacity they lose credibility. And with their sagging ratings they can ill afford that.

    Having said that, CNN's diminishing influence pleases me. They were stupid enough to make their programming more right-wing frindly in an effort to siphon off viewers from Fox with deplorable results, ratings-wise. But alas, the ignorant, afraid/resentful of anything different, segment of the Fox-watching universe will not be swayed. So, in that regard, CNN failed twice: they compromised their integrity as they made an unsuccessful stab at this particular demographic. That's gotta hurt.