Friday, August 28, 2009

The JB Random Report 8/27/09


Let’s leave his personal flaws (being a Red Sox fan, for one) where they are, it’s not like they didn’t cost him enough, like the presidency for one thing. Along the way he also managed to be an instrumental force in health care reform way before it was fashionable, the proof being shown on this great thing that CNN did. They showed footage of him giving a speech on health care reform in 2009 while cutting into a speech he made on the same topic over 30 years ago, and he was using the exact same language. Nice to see it took the rest of congress only 30 years to catch up with his progressive views. Along the way he wrote or co-wrote 2,500 bills including civil rights, education reform and the voting rights act. I can’t imagine the Senate without a Kennedy in it, and Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy will be sorely missed as the “Liberal Lion” he was right up until he day he died.
There really is no one in our “American Royal Family” to take his place, most of the next generation being too busy getting drunk, high or banging the 16 year old babysitter. Although I’m no fan of institutions of any kind, for a family of rich people they really are committed to helping the less fortunate. Dedicated to public service, many times making the ultimate sacrifice, I hope to see a “good” Kennedy back in politics real soon. RIP Teddy, I hope there is an Irish Pub in Heaven, save me a pint.


The Mets suck regardless, but the MASH unit that is that team just suffered another blow as Johan Santana will now have season ending elbow surgery. Well…not like it matters.

And speaking of teams that I’m not a fan of but never really disliked…The Jets were wise to announce Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback. He’s the one people wanna see anyway, and he is just as good as anyone else vying for that job.

I’m not an animal loving Nazi because I actually can have relationships with actual people that have opinions of their own, and not a being that only loves me unconditionally because it cannot think for itself, so I really am glad that Michael Vick is getting a second chance to make a living, and it seems that he is making the most of it. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be one interesting team this year. The fans in Philly have embraced him, no easy feat considering that these are the same people that once threw iceballs at a Santa Claus during a game.

This era’s version of the Coliseum in Rome, the new $1 billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium has exposed a most amusing flaw…you can’t punt a ball without hitting that obnoxious huge screen. And Roy Williams going down with an injury isn’t good news either. But fear not Cowboys fans…Jessica Simpson is history.

Is it me or is Rick Pitino slowly losing his mojo baby? If the accusations against him are false, then he really needs to chill and let the legal process work, because he is beginning to look like a man possessed by Satan or whatever.


Costco’s “Cuddle With Me” dolls. When the black doll wears a hat that says “Lil Monkey” the only cuddling these doll are gonna do is with members of the Junior John Birch Society. WTF were they thinking?

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  1. - Ted Kennedy Sr, RIP.
    As for the next generation, look into RFK Jr. A pretty solid dude.

    - Add pitcher Oliver Perez to the Mets' seemingly never-ending list of casualties. It was pointed out that their Opening Day lineup has only played 5 games this season. Either the Mets are cursed or they have the worst trainers ever. This many players on the DL can't be a coincidence.

    Props to their 1969 World Championship team, the Amazin' Mets who were honored with a really cool ceremony at Shitty Field last weekend. They don't get as much props as the '86 team these days, probably due to that being a more recent and dramatic win, but the Miracle Mets deserve every single accolade.

    - Yeah, wtf is up with those dolls?