Friday, June 17, 2011

Looks Like the Weiner Has Been Roasted 6/17/11

So last weekend I went to a party and I met someone who mentioned, not bragged, just mentioned that he was a personal friend of Mick Jagger. Now anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Stones fan, and after talking with him for a few minutes I realized he wasn’t lying…

Ok who the fuck is Blake Lively?


As I watched Congressman Anthony Weiner finally resign due to this “sexting” scandal I wanted to rant on how stupid I thought people were for making such a big deal out of what is essentially nothing. Then I thought about the difference between the individual and the proverbial angry mob. I’m pretty sure than even the brain dead when confronted one on one about this issue would say that they could care less about his personal life so long as he is not breaking any laws or spending public funds. Put them in with the mob however, and they will nit pick at anything just so they can be a part of the dumb crowd that is screaming the loudest for blood.
An individual is smart. An individual is thoughtful and considerate when given the chance to be so. It is the crowd that is stupid, because the crowd looks for the simplest path to bloodlust, and that is a significant part of why Weiner had to resign today. The crowd cannot, nor is it interested in seeing the complex truth, or investigating anything for itself. The crowd only sees the headline, it yells about it then moves on, unaware that its mindless rant might have just cost someone their life.
Needless to say Weiner did this to himself, not just the irresponsible acts, but the fact that he never was able to harbor any real relationships in Washington DC, and that might have lead to his resignation more than anything. Nancy Pelosi certainly wasn’t a friend, nor were any other big wigs in the House of Representatives. So ultimately this man with a good heart and a genuine desire to make his community a better place, an anti-politician more interested in doing the right thing than cultivating political allies, was done in by that very thing. Not just the pictures, but the fact that he was too honorable a person to make friends in Congress.


Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks on their first NBA Championship. Yes Dirk Nowitzki is the best player to ever come out of Europe, but come on ESPN, top 20 or 30 all time? Ahh…no. Best foreign born player? Try Hakeem Olajuwon. Jason Kidd certainly deserves his championship after so many years. And I hate to admit this, but Mark Cuban might be a complete buffoon, but he cares about that team and everyone on it. He took a last place team and built a winner with patience and consistency and if not him, that team certainly is worth rooting for.
And although it should be all about Dallas, it seems as though all everyone wants to talk about is the failure of LeBron James’ “decision.” I don’t know if making it to the Finals your first year together is considered a failure, but when it’s this Miami Heat team, the expectations were unreasonably high, and many of those expectations were brought on by the team itself. The Finals being more about hating LeBron than the rise of the Mavericks was a bit of a turn off, but these playoffs leading up to the finals were still interesting to watch, as will next years free agency moves, if there is no lock out of course.
The biggest fish in next year’s pond is flake Dwight Howard of Orlando, who says he wants to be a free agent but stay in Orlando. Someone should tell him how insulting that is to Orlando Magic fans. It’s kinda like saying “I wanna be married but still fool around.” I don’t think Orlando will make the same mistake that Cleveland made with LeBron James and just let Howard go next year. If they are smart they make a trade so they can get at least something in return, not to mention not allowing their team to be hijacked for the whole year by one player. 

And lastly…the greatest LeBron joke? Had to be “If LeBron wanted a ring he should have just stayed in Ohio and bought some jewelry from Terrelle Pryor.” How I wish I had written that one.


Celebrating the anniversary of the OJ Simpson car chase that interrupted the NBA Finals in 1994? Really? When is this finally gonna stop? The murdering of two people doesn’t need a memorial. And unless you are celebrating the lives of the deceased and not the famous accused running back, it really is time to put a lid on this crap.

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