Friday, June 26, 2015

Bad Day For Bigots and Hypocrites...Think I'll Celebrate With Some Ice Cream

Has anyone ever had a better week than Barack Obama? Let’s begin at the beginning…For the second time, the Supreme Court of the United States has refused to touch the Affordable Care Act, angering Republicans and reminding us that regardless of the social make-up of the court, the law is what makes this nation, not blustering politicians who hate the fact that a black democrat has made 33 million American lives better, while they have done nothing for anyone.

Last week, a white supremacist walked into a church in South Carolina and opened fire, killing nine people during a bible study, including the Pastor, State Senator Clementa Pickney. In a stunning turn of events, this tragedy opened a debate about how the Confederate Flag is displayed, particularly in the South, who still seems to struggle with the fact that they lost the Civil War. What I don't understand is, why has this debate even existed? Did the new government in Germany allow Nazi flags to fly at state government buildings?
One incredibly ignorant supporter of the Confederate flag was on CNN asking “Why do we need the American flag at the Post Office?” Umm…maybe because the post office is a FEDERAL ENTITY? If these idiots are the only ones left supporting this symbol of treason then this argument should have been over decades ago. But, remaining positive, the flag has been removed from state buildings in South Carolina and other Southern States are now taking steps to remove it. Better late than never, but how I wish this could have been done without nine lives being lost to a domestic terrorist.

What a busy day it has been for the President. This morning, Barack Obama stepped out into the rose garden of the White House and declared his support of the Supreme Court decision that was announced today, stating that same sex marriage cannot be denied by any State government. The historical ramifications of this decision have not been digested yet, but I can assure you that this decision will be remembered as one of the most important decisions in the court’s history, so if you are a law student, start learning how to pronounce “Obergefell.”

Let me give you the short version of this:
The Opinion was written by Justice Kennedy, a Reagan appointee to the court, by the way. In all my years of reading Supreme Court opinions, I do not think I have ever read a better, more eloquent and passionate one written in my lifetime. I will comment little about it so as to encourage my readers to stop taking pictures of your fucking food and look it up yourselves.

One of the dissents, written by Justice Scalia is arguing that State’s rights are being infringed upon since marriage is something that is legally left up to the states. Given the fact that we are talking about a denial of the right here, this is a weak argument. To say that the Constitution never intended to guarantee same sex marriage is too specific to be valid. Ok, the Constitution also says nothing about the internet either, but we do have court rulings on that, right? And I remember another document we live by known as the Declaration of Independence saying something about “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness?”  

After the rose garden comments, which were met with great applause, Obama got Air Force One and went to South Carolina to deliver the eulogy for Rev. Pickney. He was eloquent as always, but when he broke into “Amazing Grace,” Oh yeah. It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t see just the President, but the brother from Chicago that I first voted for in 2008.
And to use this as an opportunity to discuss gun control is not politicizing the issue, it is an attempt to save lives.

I have to admit, I am growing to almost love the subtle, seething, hatred and bigoted disrespect displayed by Republicans every time Barack kicks their ass. I remember two in particular: When Obama was re-elected in 2012, I remember John Boehner holding back tears because Obama was re-elected and saying “We will treat him like a lame duck President starting now.” Really, “Spray-Tan?” How is that working out for you?  
Then there was the night that ACA was passed and John McCain said to a group of equally angry Republicans “Now we have to make sure nothing gets done.” Anyone still need to know where the obstructionists are?

Bristol Palin. So this never-married abstinence advocate has now been knocked up for the second time. How did she find time to get laid while being so busy telling everyone else how to live their lives? You know, I am not even shocked that this nit wit turned out to be a hypocrite, I am hopeful that now we know how much she enjoys keeping her legs open, maybe she will keep her mouth shut. What does bother me is the announcement that “this has been a huge disappointment to my family” What a wonderful way to welcome an innocent child into the world. What an asshole.

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