Thursday, October 4, 2012

Someone Just Lost Big Bird's Endorsement 10/4/12


Yes, I think we all know that Mitt Romney was born with a silver foot in his mouth, but he did manage to pry it out long enough to have a pretty good debate last night. Barack Obama, really did look like he’d rather be somewhere else, maybe it’s because he has made every point possible to try and get the public to see the facts and they just refuse to. There were so many things that he could have called Romney out on, but he somehow refused to.
The good news is that people tend to fact check after a debate, and that’s where Romney will fall short. Cut PBS funding? Really? Big Bird should fly over your house and take a crap! How is cutting 0.012% of the budget going to fix the budget crisis? That’s like eating one grape then saying that you cleaned out your refrigerator. What an asshole!
Now look, anyone who follows politics knows that the challenger always looks good in the first debate, just because he is the new guy, but there is no reason for Romney to have looked that good unless the President was disinterested, and clearly he was. It’s kinda like the biggest kid on the block letting the smallest kid hit him a few times because he really isn’t feeling a thing.
Romney talked a lot about what he wanted to do, but said absolutely nothing specific about how he was going to do it, and no one seemed to care. There are a few consolations, the first being that it will never get that good for Romney again. Obama might have been a bit indifferent, but he is not a stupid man, and he has yet to let the same dog bite him twice, believe me, next debate he will bring it Chicago style.  

Yes I know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees came out this week, and yes I have a strong opinion, but I will reserve it until it gets closer to ceremony time.


Boxer Orlando Cruz revealed that he is gay. Let me tell you something about courage. Courage is not Jon Ameche, a perennial bench warmer in the NBA coming out as he is plugging a book, decades after his career is over. Courage is a guy in a totally individual, extremely macho (for lack of a better word) sport like boxing, coming out in the prime of his career, where his announcement could cost him a fortune, especially if he was thinking about an endorsement deal with Chick-Fil-A! I admire this man, and I wish him well.

The seasons change and a slight chill cuts through the early autumn air. Yes the weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder. As wonderful as hot cider, or your mom’s homemade soup, the Yankees beating the Red Sox senseless in October always gives me the warmest of feelings inside. Them winning the American League East, is also as familiar as an old quilt.

Congratulations to the man I am on record as saying that the Yankees should have signed in 2007 instead of matching Alex Rodriguez’ restricted free agent offer, Miguel Cabrera, for winning baseball’s offensive Triple Crown. Leading the League in batting average, homeruns and RBI’s, Cabrera is no doubt the American League MVP. Please stop saying its Mike Trout ok? He’s the rookie of the year.


How do you know that someone is terrified of their impending divorce? While plugging his new book, Arnold Shwarzenegger admitted to having an affair with Brigette Nielsen. Yeah, the crazy white woman who dated Flava Flav.

In a related story, Justin Bieber read this and proceeded to vomit on stage after not being able to get the mental image of these two fossils banging out of his head.

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