Friday, October 7, 2011

All My Rowdy Friends Will Be Staying Home 10/7/11

Imagine living in the time of Albert Einstein or Ben Franklin, or the man he has been compared to too many times, Thomas Edison. Imagine living in a time where one person’s ideas change how you do things forever. I remember a time when phones didn’t take pictures, much less leave the house; you could never carry your whole music library in your pocket, and computers were slow and took up a great deal of space. Steve Jobs changed all of that, and we were present to see his achievements change our lives. Much as we take the light bulb for granted, future generations will do the same with the ipod, iphone and so many other innovations born from the mind of this true American visionary.
At a time where American products seemed to be losing their place in the world due to how second rate they have become, Apple was still revered in the rest of the World and was number one in its field; A subtle reminder of how great American ideas still are, and can continue to be if we just set our minds to it. However, did you see those people in Hong Kong actually bowing to a makeshift altar in front of an Apple store there? That was a bit creepy. I don’t know if we will ever see another Steve Jobs, but the fact that we were able to see just one in our lifetime was quite a privilege.

Look, I’m all for protesting Wall Street’s exploitation and naked greed. And not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this protest is growing everyday and is not getting much coverage from the “lamestream” media. Labor Unions have now endorsed, and even joined in the protests. Over 800 arrests have been made and it looks like they are not going anywhere soon. The problem is that no further steps have been taken, and these protesters look like a bunch of jobless weed smokers with no real agenda except to complain.
This is why this protest must now turn into a movement. And a movement needs direction. They say they want change? OK then why not start by getting on your iphones not just to video tape police action, but to call your congressman and tell him that if Obama’s jobs bill is not passed, they will not get your vote. And while you are at it, let congress know that you will watch their every move, and you will remember any obstructionist, petty action aimed at undermining progress and continuing the status quo. And if you don’t know who your congressman is, then get off your ass and find the fuck out. This way you see, you don’t look like just another asshole protesting just for the sake of protesting.
"Occupy Wall Street"can be a real instrument of change of it has some direction, so get some. Start with a table and a stack of voter registration forms. Then do some research on who and what you are actually protesting. How many bank CEO’s got bonuses after their banks got a bailout? Find out and make them famous. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is only a few blocks north of where the protests are, get over there and demand an investigation into the mortgage fraud committed by these bailed out banks. It's good to have balls, now get some brains.


Just in case you were wondering whether or not Hank Williams Jr. actually was a redneck moron, here’s something that will help you out…
ESPN decided to no longer use his song to introduce Monday Night Football, because of a reference he made comparing Barack Obama and John Boehner to Hitler and the Israeli Prime Minister playing golf. The joke wasn’t funny and such extreme examples were not needed in order to make a point, but don’t let that take the redneck out of the boy. Now the fact that ESPN thought they could somehow extract political correctness from Hank Williams Jr. is beyond me, this isn’t exactly Tom Morello or Bono.
But Williams makes it worse by saying that by parting ways with him, ESPN has, and I quote, “stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run." See this is what happens when people expect a valid Constitutionally based response from…Hank Williams Jr. Someone needs to tell him that the 1st Amendment applies to government entities, not private companies like ESPN. And that the network can hire and fire whomever it wants.
Funny how all of Hank Williams Jr.’s supporters now want to boycott ESPN and Monday Night Football. Sounds like an exercise in their right to choose, just like ESPN exercised its right to choose.  God bless America


  1. Basically, these people are protesting the wrecking of the American and global economy by the greedy and reckless financial sector, not to mention their undue influence throughout Washington, including the White House.

    So, they do have an agenda, but you wouldn't know it if you're getting your news from the conglomerate-owned, in bed w/ Wall St. US media, who are doing their very best to make the protesters "look like a bunch of jobless weed smokers with no real agenda except to complain." They aren't, and only those who either aren't paying attention and/or have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, would say otherwise.
    However, your suggestions are mint and should be taken up immediately. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a great protest w/ no lasting consequence.

  2. Jesse Bueno LoveraOctober 11, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    The fact that they have no real spokesperson, have not done anything except express their anger and get arrested, and have yet to make any clear cut actual political demands is not the fault of any corporate controlled media, it just happens to be the truth.
    Look at the Teabaggers, they are complete idiots with a dangerous agenda and yet they have managed to be taken seriously. These Wall Street protesters need that same level of organization to match their ideas, which do just happen to be better.
    Who would have thought that Obama lovers would be worse "Community Organizers" than redneck morons wearing Colonial-era hats?
    And you know what's even worse? Teabaggers began their movement complaining about the same thing the Occupy Wall St folks are. But in typical Republican form, they were steered into blaming the government and it's Kenyan President who wants to take their guns and Bibles intead of the real culprit. If Teabaggers were not such Fox News puppets, they would be joining the Wall Street Occupation

  3. They have been making demands from day one and don't necessarily need a spokesperson; revolutions have started with less. And the media and politicians are almost unanimously in agreement in portraying them as pot-smoking hippies, rather than address what they are demanding, in an effort to de-legitimize them.
    Meanwhile, the L.A. version has been approached by the local city council and is set to meet formally with them, according to reports. If this is so, it would be a great step in the right direction. (I'm not expecting Bloomie and our corrupt city council to follow in their footsteps.)

    As for the Teabaggers' organizational prowess, don't forget: that Astroturf bunch are enhanced by the substantial financial input of powerful, moneyed right-wingers with a nefarious agenda (Koch brothers, et al), so it's not much of a comparison, in that regard.

  4. Jesse Bueno LoveraOctober 12, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Actually no revolutions have started with less if you can name one I would be surprised. Cuba had Castro the US had Washington. You name a revolution, I will name a leader.
    Today the Occupy Wall St people decided to march...not on City Hall or the DA's office, but to rich guy's houses...come on, that's hardly a direction based agenda.
    And there are people to the left with money who will support this Jay Z and Russel Simmons who decided to show up at a protest against a Maybach. Not exactly well thought out is it? Look just because you may agree with their cause doesn't mean the movement is being done well.

  5. First, I didn't dismiss it outright, I said they "don't necessarily need a spokesperson". And my sense of history might be a bit fuzzy right now but from the American Revolution to Solidarity, there have been movements catapulted into a powerful force by the actions of one or a few people. Which is a lot less than what these folks have right now.
    As for marching to a Wall St. banker's house, I would've handled that differently, but didn't you ask that they make those guys famous?

    I don't think the protesters are going about it badly--their growing number both here and elsewhere bears that out--but they definitely need some hardcore, non-violent, media-savvy guerrilla tactics to ensure victory.

  6. Jesse Bueno LoveraOctober 14, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    Of course people started revolutions, but leaders led them. (Lech Walesa received a Nobel Peace Prize for leading Solidarity in Poland, btw.) I said make those who need to be indicted famous, and you don't do that by marching to a rich guys house just becaue he is rich, you do it by publicly demanding an indictment or at the very least a criminal investigation.

    Now it's obvious that these movements are not going away, as they are starting now in every major US city (Not in LA just yet, they are still recovering from that shot of anethesia that Michael Jackson's former doctor gave them before his trial that they are all watching while comatose in front of their flatscreens)which makes the need for a leader even more urgent. I want this to mean something beyond just words and arrests.